Build Life Skills and Independence

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    Build life skills and independence with practical tools, strategies, knowledge and understanding covered in our printables and training resources

    Fine motor skills are essential for completing everyday tasks like tying shoelaces, eating with a knife and fork, zipping up a jumper, handwriting and so much more.

    Emotional regulation is a huge stumbling block for many children with anxiety, ADHD or Autism, and can be managed with the use of routines, recognising emotions and through understanding and controlling sensory stimuli. 

    We often get frustrated at our kids for not listening to instructions, but have you ever stopped to consider that they may not understand the proposition words used in your instructions - like under/over, left/right, up/down, in/out?

    Build life skills and independence with our video training and printable resources designed for home, the classroom and in therapy.

    24 products