Personalised Handwriting & Math Skills

Personalised Handwriting & Math Skills

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Set your kids up for success in 2024 💖 Get a head start on fine motor skills, handwriting, letters and numbers with our personalised handwriting & math skills pack!

Did you know it's important to teach correct letter patterns, direction and formation? We make it easy in our personalised handwriting & math skills pack!

It's so much easier for kids to learn the correct way to write letters the first time (left to right, top to bottom, anti-clockwise), rather than teaching them incorrectly, then causing stress and frustration at school when they have to unlearn bad habits and relearn good ones.

It's also important for under 4 years olds to learn these letter patterns through play ...not with an adult pen & paper.

Try tracing the letter pattern guides below with your pointer finger, painting, finger painting, with chunky crayons or paint sticks or writing in a sand or rice tray, writing in the air, using a stick in the sand pit, painting with water on the fence... there're so many fun ways to learn letters and letter patterns!

Skills included in this pack:

  • learn correct letter direction
  • learn correct letter formation
  • practise writing your first and last name
  • practise writing letters and numbers on dotted thirds

Activities included in this pack:

  • Fonts: NSW/Standard, VIC, QLD & SA
  • Handwriting patterns for correct letter formation - 10 pages
  • Upper & lowercase letters & handwriting - 10 pages
  • Numbers & shapes - 10 pages
  • Personalised names with editable files - 10 pages
  • Running writing patterns for correct letter formation - 10 pages

TIP: Add to a display folder to make the pages wipe clean

Digital Download - Files are emailed to you

Licence is for one household, classroom or therapy room to use the resources within that house/room.

Each digital files comes with 3 downloads.

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