The Crap and The Crazy Autism Parenting Podcast with Tash Kritter

Join me as I talk about day-to-day life with Autism; the sucky bits and the wins, plus tips for enjoying life despite the challenges

The Crap and The Crazy Autism Parenting Podcast aims to provide you with tools and strategies to be calm parents with happy kids! In the podcast I cover topics such as Autism, ADHD, PDA, everyday parenting struggles as well as emotional regulation, routines, fine motor skills, sensory play and more! Plus general tips, hacks, tools and strategies to cope and love life with kids with additional needs. 

My background is in teaching (B.Ed K-7) as well as additional needs, and this combined with over 10 years of early intervention has given me a unique insight into

- Understanding difficult behaviours and why they occur

- Understanding how emotional regulation and sensory input impacts both us as parents and our little ones (diagnosed or not)

- Developing, implementing and managing resources & coping strategies to make home life calmer & more organised

All of these concepts and resources can be applied in the classroom, home and/or therapy; equipping parents, teachers, early childhood educators and therapists with tools and strategies to confidently manage difficult behaviours.

“I have lived this day in & day out for the last 14 years – I am in a unique position to not only create amazing resources with input from therapists, but to test them in real life situations at home (where all the crazy comes out!)” – Tash K

The Crap & The Crazy Autism Parenting Podcast

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