TRAINING BUNDLE: Emotional Regulation and Sensory Profiles

TRAINING BUNDLE: Emotional Regulation and Sensory Profiles

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Our Emotional Regulation and Sensory Profiles Training Bundle is just what you need to help you understand how emotions and sensory input impacts big behaviours. This bundle comes with loads of tools and strategies for you to try at home, to keep you and your kids calm and well regulated 💖

Bundle and Save! This Emotional Regulation and Sensory Profiles Training Bundle includes:

  •  2 printable packs - print & go at your own pace
  • ✅ 15 short training videos - to give additional insights into Autistic behaviours and ways to prevent and de-escalate big behaviours
  • ✅ hyperlinked PDF training book - to easily find & access information as needed

Our emotional regulation and sensory profile printables will help you learn what keeps you and your kids calm & well regulated, and more importantly they'll help you understand big emotions and behaviours that challenge. These are a great tool for kids with Autism and/or ADHD.

Understanding and recognising emotions is key to getting emotions under control and responding to how we feel in a socially acceptable manner. If we can't recognise how we are feeling, then we don't know how to fix it or avoid it next time.

Likewise, understanding sensory profiles and how sensory stimuli impacts our emotions and, therefore, behaviour, helps us to empathise and manage difficult behaviours from a place of understanding, rather than joining in the yelling, or disciplining seemingly 'naughty' behaviour.

Confidently teach emotions, learn about sensory profiles and how this impacts our emotions and behaviour, plus tools and strategies to understand and manage difficult behaviours and meltdowns.

Training Topics Include:

  • What are Emotions?
  • What is Sensory Processing?
  • What is a Sensory Profile?
  • Behaviour Iceberg Model
  • Understanding our Emotions & Sensory Profile
  • How are Emotions, Sensory Stimuli & Behaviour Related?
  • Misconceptions & Attitudes around Sensory Breaks
  • Traffic Light System
  • Join My Calm
  • Multiple Emotions at One Time
  • No Good or Bad Emotions
  • Can’t Control Emotions, Can Choose Behaviour
  • Meltdowns vs Tantrums
  • Build Your Own Sensory Profile
  • Sensory Tools to Get Going & to Calm Down
  • Proprioception/Movement in Everyday Activities inc. Chores
  • Movement Breaks with Aussie Animals
  • 7 Senses + Hormones

Understanding & Recognising Emotions: 59 pages

  • 1 Emotion per page with fluffy ball face & person
  • Grouped emotions - angry, anxious, sad, calm
  • Pop stick emotions activity
  • Emotions wheel
  • 1 Emotion per page play dough activity
  • Kids faces play dough activity
  • I am feeling activity
  • Favourite Book Character activity
  • Mirror activity
  • Matching emotions activities

Emotional & Sensory Regulation: 47 pages

  • Traffic light system - Stop, Pause, Go
  • Things to remember posters
  • Spectrum of emotions and what to/not to do
  • Tantrum or meltdown?
  • How to manage a meltdown
  • Sensory tools - Get Going
  • Sensory tools - Calm Down
  • Proprioception/Movement
  • Sensory seeking & sensory aversion - 7 senses
  • When I feel...I can do
  • My sensory profile

Managing Behaviours that Challenge

  • Kids with 'big behaviours' are so often misunderstood and incorrectly labelled as 'naughty', and then palmed off as someone else's problem as they appear unteachable.
  • What if you had training, tools, strategies and resources to better understand and interact with these kids?
  • Are you ready to challenge those misconceptions and traditional thought patterns around behaviour?
  • Are you ready to learn more about what these kids experience day in day out, as well as gain strategies to reduce sensory overwhelm, provide more movement breaks and set up routines to create calm and certainty in your life and theirs?

Included in this Bundle

  • Understanding Emotions Printables
  • Emotional & Sensory Regulation Printables
  • Video Training (2 hours - 15 short videos)
  • PDF Training - fully hyperlinked to easily find what you need

Digital Download - Files are emailed to you

Licence is for one household, classroom or therapy room to use the resources within that house/room.

Each digital files comes with 3 downloads.

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