Emotional and Sensory Regulation Printables

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    Emotional and sensory regulation printables to keep you and your kids calm and well regulated

    Our emotional and sensory regulation printables will help you learn what keeps you and your kids calm & well regulated, and more importantly they'll help you understand big emotions and behaviours that challenge.

    Understanding and recognising emotions is key to getting emotions under control and responding to how we feel in a socially acceptable manner. If we can't recognise how we are feeling, then we don't know how to fix it or avoid it next time.

    Likewise, understanding sensory profiles and how sensory stimuli impacts our emotions and, therefore, behaviour, helps us to empathise and manage difficult behaviours from a place of understanding, rather than joining in the yelling, or disciplining seemingly 'naughty' behaviour.

    Confidently teach emotions, learn about sensory profiles and how this impacts our emotions and behaviour, plus tools and strategies to understand and manage difficult behaviours and meltdowns.