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    Fun, reusable & interactive spelling, reading & writing printables to confidently teach letter sounds, phonics, digraphs, blending and segmenting

    Our CVC spelling packs make learning to read, write and spell fun and engaging and can be used in the classroom, for homeschooling or as spelling homework printables. They are designed to help you better understand how our language is constructed and to teach tricky spelling concepts.

    The stages begin by exploring CVC words and common consonant digraphs followed by CVCC, CCVC and CCVCC words. NOTE: The CCVC pack addresses the tricky to hear second sound and the CVCC pack covers the tricky to hear second last sound which are often stumbling blocks for many early readers.

    Stages 6 through to 8 covers vowel digraphs and includes extensive lists of short vowel digraphs, long vowel digraphs and r controlled vowel digraphs.

    Finally, Stage 9 covers the rest of the tricky consonant digraphs and also includes schwa sounds.

    BONUS - Must Have! Spelling Phonics Placemat