Phonics Spelling and Digraphs Reference Guides

Phonics Spelling and Digraphs Reference Guides

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An amazing resource that every parent, teacher and speechie should have!

Refer to when teaching tricky Australian English sounds

  • Compare different phonics (letter sounds) and spellings
  • Save a small fortune in clipart - it's all sorted for you
  • Easily identify each collection of sounds - consonant sounds, long and short vowel sounds, consonant digraphs, short vowel digraphs, long vowel digraphs, r controlled vowel digraphs and alternate spellings
  • Helps outline that the same vowel sounds can be spelled in many different ways - the long vowel 'a' sound can be spelled with ay, ai, a_e, ey, ea, a, aigh, au, eigh, ei or et digraphs
  • Helps outline that some vowel digraphs are spelled the same but they make different sounds, like 'er' in her vs 'er' in tiger or 'oo' in cook, moon, school and brooch
  • Helps outline that consonant sounds can be spelled in many different ways - the 'ch' sound can be spelled with ch, tch, te digraphs or with the letter t like in Tuesday, truck, tree etc
  • This is a great helper when creating spelling lists (so many online lists incorrectly group different sounds together just because they are spelled the same)
  • Helps you to understand different spelling rules and patterns - some sounds/spellings will only appear at the end of words while others only appear in the middle
  • An absolute lifesaver in the classroom or for helping with homework!
  • Download & Get Started Today 😊

What's Included?

A comprehensive list of Australian English sounds that we use in everyday speaking, spelling, reading and writing

  • 3 pages to print onto A4 or A3 paper
  • consonant sounds - b, c, d, f, g, h etc
  • short vowel sounds - a, e, i, o, u
  • consonant consonant combinations for the start of words - cl, bl, gl, pl, sl, fl etc
  • consonant consonant combinations for the end of words - st, sk, sp, nd, nt, nk etc
  • consonant digraphs for beginners - ch, ck, sh, th, ph, wh etc
  • short vowel digraphs - e (red), ea (bread), u (bury), a (many), ie (friend) etc
  • long vowel digraphs - oa (coat), ow (bow), ew (sew), oe (toe), o_e (rope) etc
  • r controlled vowel digraphs - ar (car), al (palm), a (koala), ear (heart), au (laugh) etc
  • consonant digraphs & alternate spellings - j (jug), g (gem), dge (bridge), ge (sausage) etc

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