LARGE PRINT: Stage 1: Letter Sounds and CVC Words

LARGE PRINT: Stage 1: Letter Sounds and CVC Words

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Large print and simplified pages for
  • beginners
  • children with low vision
  • children who are easily distracted and/or overwhelmed
159 pages of interactive and reusable activities to help you confidently teach reading, writing and spelling while keeping the kids engaged and learning through play!
  • Letter sounds a to z
  • CVC words
You'll feel confident teaching your child/client/students to:
  • Sound out and match up phonetically correct letter sounds
  • Recognise the first sound in CVC words: cat starts with the sound c (k)
  • Sound out the words by pulling apart each sound (segmenting): c-a-t
  • Put the sounds back together (blending) to read the word: c-a-t makes the word cat
  • Practice CVC words - fill in the first, middle & last sound

Activities included:

  • ABC Animal Sounds: Learn the sounds for each letter: ant starts with the sound a, bat starts with the sound b etc
  • ABC Animal Posters: Learn the sounds for each letter: a for ant, b for bat, c for cat etc
  • When I Say, I Hear/What Starts with the Sound: Say the name of the animal and match it to the letter tile (first sound)
  • CVC Words: Fill in the blanks to sound out, spell, read and write the CVC words
  • CVC Rhyming Words: Make up different rhyming words like cab, tab, lab and other nonsense words!
  • CVC Short Vowel AEIOU Words: Make up CVC words with different first and last sounds.
  • CVC Spelling: Practice spelling and writing CVC words
  • CVC Matching Game: Consolidate CVC & letter sound learning concepts with games!
  • Read the Story
  • Write a Story

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Each digital files comes with 3 downloads.

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