TRAINING BUNDLE: Daily Routines and Visual Schedules with 200+ Flashcards

TRAINING BUNDLE: Daily Routines and Visual Schedules with 200+ Flashcards

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Our Daily Routines and Visual Schedules Training Bundle helps you to understand the importance of routines and visual schedules, and as a result, reduce anxiety and increase your child's independence.

Bundle and Save! This Daily Routines and Visual Schedules Training Bundle includes:

  •  4 play printable packs - print & go at your own pace
  •  Over 250 picture cards - to make your own personalised picture strips and visual schedules
  • ✅ 11 short training videos - to learn how routines help build independence and how they impact behaviours
  • ✅ hyperlinked PDF training book - to easily find & access information as needed

Routines and picture strips reduce anxiety by taking away the pressure and stress of remembering what to do and in what order - especially when there so many skills required to complete each task in each daily routine. Our daily routines and visual schedules training pack will make it easy to set up picture strips with over 200 brightly coloured routine cards to choose from! It also includes loads of pictures, templates and resources for you to set up routines and visual schedules for home, therapy and school. PLUS learn about food, my body, weather, days of the week, months, seasons, clothing, cooking, ordering, sequencing and more!

Every day routines require so many skills that we as adults often take for granted. These include executive functioning skills, time management, working memory, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, motor planning, understanding context and problem solving.

Learn how to use routines & visual schedules effectively to help manage big behaviours that challenge. Ready to get organised?!

Daily Routines and Visual Schedules Training Topics:

  • Importance of routines
  • Importance of visual schedules
  • How to effectively use routines
  • How to effectively use visual schedules
  • Managing difficult behaviours
  • How and why routines reduce anxiety
  • How and why kids with Autism, Anxiety, ADHD etc thrive with routines and visual schedules

Routines and Visual Schedules Printables

Included visual schedule templates:

  • What I’ve got on today/this week
  • Activities we are working on today

Also includes personalised routines templates for

  • Morning
  • Get dressed
  • Pack bag
  • School
  • Chores
  • After school
  • Night

Picture strips for:

  • Going to the toilet
  • Washing hands
  • Having a shower
  • How to wash their hair
  • How to brush their teeth

Food Play Printables

  • Learn about different types of food and food groups
  • Discuss healthy or balanced food choices
  • Discuss sensory qualities of the food before experiencing them in real life
  • Discuss likes and dislikes – smells, textures & taste
  • Be creative with meals – visually plan meals: make a burger or a smoothie
  • Write up a shopping list or ingredient list
  • Discuss and visually sort out where to find and/or store food in the fridge, in the pantry and on the shelves at the shops

My Body Printables

  • Labelled posters and flashcards to learn the correct name of body parts and body systems
  • Blank posters ready for you to label body parts and body systems

Body systems included:

  • Skeletal system
  • Nervous system
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
  • Circulatory system and
  • Reproductive systems

Chores Printables

  • Make life easier with personalised chore charts and to do lists in a variety of formats
  • Comes with a stack of flashcards and images to keep it fun and bright and colourful

Weather Printables

  • Weather report charts
  • Days of the week ordering & sequencing activities
  • Months & season of the year with matching and Venn diagram activities to sort and match appropriate clothing depending on the weather

Included in this pack: 198 pages

  • Over 250 Flashcards

  • Over 250 Picture Cards

  • Routines Pack
  • Food Pack
  • My Body Pack
  • Weather Pack
  • Chores Pack
  • Video Training (1 hour 20 mins - 11 short videos)

  • PDF Training - fully hyperlinked to easily find what you need

Digital Download - Files are emailed to you

Licence is for one household, classroom or therapy room to use the resources within that house/room.

Each digital files comes with 3 downloads.

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