Volcano Sensory Play Activity



💥 Download the printable and follow the instructions to set up the activity.

You will Need:
💥 Bi carb soda
💥 Vinegar
💥 Food colouring
💥 An empty coffee pod or small container


💥 Cause & Effect: An action that causes a result: a baby dropping food on the floor to hear it go 'splat' , dropping a ball to watch it bounce, dropping a glass to watch it smash - all different results from the same action. Banging on pots to make a noise, watching bi carb soda & vinegar bubble & overflow etc.
In this activity we see a cause & effect reaction when we add vinegar to the bi carb soda!

💥 Mixing Substances: Mixing one or more ingredients or substances together to get a new or different result; making a cake, mixing blue & yellow paint to get green etc.
Watch for two different results:
1. Adding vinegar to bi carb soda - What happens?!
2. Mixing red and yellow food colouring to make a new colour!

💥 Sensory Play: Play involving the senses! How many senses are involved in thsi play activity?! Read more about Sensory Play here.

💥 Imaginative Play: Pretend play where children use whatever is around them to transport them into a different world where imaginations take over: a box becomes a plane, a balloon becomes a blimp, a soft toy crocodile becomes a fire breathing dragon and your living room floor becomes a shark infested ocean of lava!
Add the volcano to a play tray with dinosaurs and/or zoo animals and watch as imagination takes over!

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