ABC 123 Colours and Shapes Printables

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    ABC 123 Colours and Shapes activities to learn essential skills ready to succeed at school

    We believe in making learning fun - with sensory play and open ended activities that encourage children to learn, play, explore and discover. Our beginners ABC 123 Colours and Shapes printables and training will give you loads of practical play ideas to help teach these concepts through play - not with a pencil and paper!

    Kids are wired to learn through play, not to sit at desks with pens. Play encourages fine motor skills (FMS), gross motor skills (GMS), vocabulary, comprehension, problem solving, resilience, cause & effect, social skills, and so much more!

    Furthermore, we want to help you understand what is really going on when kids play... What are they learning? How can they be learning when they are making so much mess?

    And to challenge any misconceptions about what learning looks like. Are they really learning more if sitting quietly at a desk with a worksheet vs. loud water play with scoops and toys?